Address/Location : 515 Queen Street, Brisbane, Queensland.
Property description : 28-storey hotel building comprising 267 rooms with 3 levels of basement car park.
Property type : Hotel
Age : Approximately 21 years
Title details : Lot 5 on survey plan 100339 comprised in certificate of title reference No.50218402 in the Parish of North Brisbane and County of Stanley.
Encumbrances/Limitation in title/ interest : The property is charged to secure financing and there is no restriction attached to the title.
Status of holdings : Freehold
Existing use : Commercial building
Parking spaces : 78 bays
Average occupancy rate : 69.40%
Date of acquisition : 29 November 2012
Cost of acquisition(including incidentals) : AUD120,311,000
Fair value adjustments for the financial year : AUD346,000 or RM1,005,000
Market value : AUD93,500,000
Date of last valuation : 31 May 2019
Independent valuer : Savills Valuations Pty. Ltd.
Net book value : RM270,540,000